Retailer support & training

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From the moment you sign up for a PayPoint terminal, you have the full force of the PayPoint service team behind you, from your own local PayPoint representative to help you get the most from PayPoint, to extensive training, regular service updates and a fully staffed Contact Centre that’s open 365 days a year.

Territory Development Managers

In 2012, PayPoint made a major investment by increasing the size of its team of Territory Development Managers (TDM) by half to 60, covering every part of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our TDMs provide you with valuable advice and business support, help train your staff and show you how you can profit from new technology such as our business broadband deal and contactless payments.


As any retailer knows, business is always changing and PayPoint is no exception, with new payment schemes and other services constantly being introduced. So we ensure that you have all the help and training materials you need for you and your staff.

PayPoint Handbook






The PayPoint terminal has been designed to be intuitive so that it is easy for any member of staff to use it by simply following the on-screen instructions. But, to get you started, our TDMs will provide all the training you and your staff need to make the most of this great new service for your customers. They will also leave you with a comprehensive handbook, which explains everything you’ll ever need to know about the terminal and how to process different types of transactions.


MyPayPoint – the online resource for PayPoint retailers

PayPoint agents have access to MyPayPoint, a totally free-to-use extranet which contains support and training materials, including bulletins and newsletters, making them easy to find and access, and avoiding all the hassle of storing them somewhere in the shop or office. MyPayPoint also contains the weekly statements and payments records you need to keep track of the commission you’ve earned.


PayPoint News








Our monthly newsletter, PayPoint News, is a mine of useful information and advice on new payment schemes, changes to existing schemes, what’s coming up in the future and how to profit from the full range of products and services available from PayPoint. PayPoint News can be found on MyPayPoint, so you can always find a copy if you can’t find the one we’ve posted to you.



We are constantly adding new services and schemes to attract more customers to your shop. We will send you a bulletin every time a new scheme is added to the terminal, showing you exactly how to process the scheme, simply and clearly. If you can’t find your copy, you’ll always be able to find it on MyPayPoint.

Contact centre

Our contact centre is the largest in the sector, delivering first-rate support to enable you to provide an excellent service to your customers. Open seven days a week, 365 days a year, you can rely on our contact centre team to quickly resolve any problems or questions you may have and ensure your business makes the most from offering the PayPoint facility to your local community.