Parcels service

Parcel delivery and collection


The Collect+ parcel service provides millions of customers with a convenient way to collect, send and return parcels ordered from over 260 retailers and over 5,500 PayPoint convenience stores.

Mail order and online retailers can offer their customers the option of having their goods delivered to a participating PayPoint retailer, while those same customers are able to return unwanted items. This gives even more customers another good reason to visit your store.

Your customers are even able to send parcels to each other via PayPoint retailers, or directly to the recipient's home.

Small businesses are increasingly using Collect+ to despatch their goods at a PayPoint retailer for delivery to another PayPoint retailer nominated by the customer, and it is a preferred option on eBay, particularly among 'Power Sellers'. 

Benefits to retailers

  • It's a cashless transaction, paid for online by the customer
  • Earn 35p per parcel processed
  • Will help to increase sales
  • Gives you a valuable edge over local competitors
  • Attracts different customers from a wider catchment area
  • No financial investment required
  • No financial liability for parcels
  • No additional banking costs



Training videos for Collect+ retailers


These videos explain the four parcel transactions. Use these in conjunction with your training guide which contains training barcodes you can scan on your terminal.


Driver Deliveries

This transaction needs to be completed when parcels are delivered to your store by Yodel. Scan all parcels as soon as they are delivered so the customer is immediately notified that their parcel has arrived.

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Customer Collecting Parcel

This transaction needs to be completed when a customer is collecting a parcel from your store. Locate the parcel before completing this transaction.

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Customer sending or returning a parcel

This transaction needs to be completed when a customer is returning or sending a parcel from your store.

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Expired Parcels

If 10 days have passed since a parcel was delivered to your store and it has still not been collected by the customer then you will need complete this transaction.

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