Integrate PayPoint with EPoS

PPoS – the ‘virtual’ PayPoint terminal


PayPoint’s ‘virtual’ terminal, PPoS, integrates PayPoint payment services into retailers’ own EPoS system.

Customers are able to carry out PayPoint transactions at any till or check-out in the store while paying for their groceries, rather than move to another counter to use the PayPoint terminal.

Tapping the PayPoint logo on the till calls up a PayPoint menu which is identical to the screen on a PayPoint terminal. The operator enters transaction details (amount, etc.) in the normal way, recording the transaction amount and description on the basket of items listed on the till’s screen. The transactions are shown on the receipt given to the customer.

The new integrated system also enables the retailer to carry out a single, combined reconciliation as PayPoint payments are recorded on the same system as grocery, newspapers and so on.


Retailer benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • No daily reconciliation
  • Faster transactions
  • Full PayPoint terminal functionality
  • PayPoint service at every check-out
  • Wave & Pay capability