PayPoint can send questionnaires out to its 16,000 independent and symbol group retail agents across the UK to find out retailer awareness and/or satisfaction of you and your competitors' products and services. They can also be used to establish ranges and brands stocked and to test customer attitudes and behaviours towards you and your competitors' products and services. In addition, surveys are great tool for generating leads and increasing awareness of your company among retailers or, indeed, consumers.

Features & benefits

  • Can be targeted by region, retail group or across all PayPoint independent outlets
  • Distributed monthly directly to 16,000 independent and symbol group retailers with a separate issue distributed directly to mulitple group head offices.

  • Able to provide incentives to ensure higher response rates, i.e.

Chance to win iPod

£1 commission for first 2,000 responses

£5 off a case of  a product

  • Easy for retailer to complete
  • All data collated by PayPoint leading to quick response rates, typically within two weeks following the end of the survey. Daily reports and regular updates are available too.