Marketing Services

PayPoint offers a range of marketing services for you to engage with up to nine million customers and/or 27,200 independent and multiple retailers across the UK.

Our team can put together integrated marketing campaigns using both online and offline channels to assist you to reach out to customers and retailers, increase brand awareness and boost your sales. The services include:

  • TAGs & RAGs – messaging to consumers on the bottom (TAGs) or reverse (RAGs) of receipts
  • Z-TAGs – retailer messaging
  • Surveys – both consumer and retailer options
  • Advertising – to consumers and or retailers

Advertising with PayPoint

The PayPoint Marketing team uses a range of tools to communicate with its retailer network of over 17,000 independent retail outlets, multiple head offices and over 9,000 multiple stores.

All retailer communications are edited and created by our Marketing team, who have many years experience in business-to-business, retail and trade marketing communications, and a combined history of more than 10 years' experience in communicating with PayPoint retailers.

Benefits of advertising with PayPoint

  • Access to over 17,000 independent stores, more than 50 multiple head offices and over 9,000 multiple stores
  • Engages the retailer, encourages them to respond.
  • Visually creative and versatile. Can accommodate die cuts.
  • A bespoke version for multiples is produced for select retail groups.
  • Opportunity exists for clients to sponsor retailer competitions (e.g. word searches, spot the difference etc)

In addition, the PayPoint website has thousands of unique visits every day and is constantly updated with fresh news, weekly specials, new articles and much more. Advertising your brand on our website is a great opportunity to deliver marketing messages to attract customers and generate sales.


To discuss how PayPoint's Marketing tools can benefit your business, please contact or phone 01707 600202.