Just pop in and pay - the convenient way

What can I pay?

Convenience is everything! Being able to pop into your local PayPoint store to pay your regular household bills, load up your gas or electricity meter, top up your mobile phone and make many other payments in cash. So we put all our effort into bringing more and more useful products together for you so you can pay for them all on the PayPoint terminal, easily and conveniently, when it suits you.

You can even transfer money to friends and family, have your mail order or online purchases delivered and even pay for parking at selected PayPoint outlets.

Click here for a list organisations that accept payments via PayPoint.

Find your nearest PayPoint

There are 26,700 PayPoint terminals in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets, garages and off-licences across the UK. Most are open long hours, many seven days a week.

To find your nearest PayPoint stores, enter your postcode into the Locator on the left near the top of the page.

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