Telecoms & Media

Telecoms and media sectors

PayPoint dominates cash payment services in the convenience retail sector for fixed-line telephony, cable, TV Licensing and TV rental.

Using its proven barcode and magnetic swipe card terminal technologies, it provides a wide range of schemes that have become the preferred choice of clients and customers.

Not only can PayPoint provide offline schemes for budget card or regular barcoded bill payment where transaction data is polled nightly and used to update customers’ accounts the following day, it also offers online technology for prepayment schemes.

This applies similar technology to that developed for the pre-pay mobile phone market to fixed-line or other forms of non-mobile telephony.

In the telecom sector, BT customers can use their payment cards or pay quarterly bills at PayPoint outlets, as can those of KC in the Hull area. PayPoint is also the cash bill payment channel of choice for cable network operator Virgin Media and its customers.

Martin Dawes customers can also make their TV and other home appliance rental payments at PayPoint outlets.

BBC TV licence holders can now renew all classes of licence at PayPoint outlets. PayPoint also accepts regular payments from TV Licensing customers issued with special payment cards for the collection of over-the-counter TV Licensing payments.