Marketing Services

Boost your sales with our marketing services

PayPoint offers a range of marketing services enabling businesses to engage with up to nine million customers and 27,200 independent and multiple retailers across the UK.

Our marketing team can create integrated marketing campaigns using both online and offline channels to help clients reach customers and retailers, increase their brand awareness and boost sales.

PayPoint's marketing services include:

  • TAGs and RAGs – messaging to consumers on the bottom (TAGs) or reverse (RAGs) of receipts
  • Z-TAGS – messaging to retailers
  • surveys – both consumer and retailer options
  • advertising – to consumers and/or retailers


Get your message across to up to 9 million targeted individuals with PayPoint

A marketing message can be added to the bottom of PayPoint customer's receipt (TAG) or the reverse (RAG).

Using a simple message to promote payment of one or more of your services at PayPoint can raise awareness and prompt new customer payment behaviour, product trial and responses to promotions.

A TAG campaign costs a fraction of a direct mail campaign, with the added benefit that the message is placed into your customers’ hand via the PayPoint receipt.

Many clients have now run multiple campaigns as they produce such impressive results.



  • PayPoint receipts have a long shelf-life: they are retained as they contain proof of payment and, in the case of mobile top-ups, include a PIN code
  • they are targeted at particular consumer groups (typically C2, D & E) who prefer to budget and pay bills in cash 
  • promotions are quick and easy to implement
  • daily campaign stats available, e.g. number of TAGs issued globally or by region
  • extremely cost-effective when compared with direct marketing alternatives
  • campaigns can be targeted by:

Region (e.g. electricity region or postcode area)

Retailer group (e.g. all Spar outlets)

Value (e.g. all transactions under £10)

Client scheme (e.g. Prepayment energy, transport tickets, TV licence, Council Tax)

Frequency (e.g. every hundredth transaction)