Housing Associations

The alternative way to collect rent and council tax

Local authorities are under increasing pressure to deliver value for taxpayers and many are looking for ways to cost-effectively collect cash payments for rents and council tax.

Housing associations and credit unions, too, face the same need to provide cheaper and more convenient ways for their tenants to pay.

PayPoint provides the ideal solution for all three, with its national network of retail outlets in local communities, and proven technology and financial settlement infrastructure.

PayPoint outlets now accept rent and/or council tax payments in cash for hundreds of local authorities, credit unions and housing associations across the UK.

We work closely with third-party introducers the Co-operative Bank and allpay.net, which handle the onward transmission of payment data and settlement of funds to individual organisations.

If you are interested in using the PayPoint network to collect payments for your own organisation, please email clientprospects@paypoint.com.