Financial & Leisure

Opening up business opportunities for the Leisure and Finance sectors

PayPoint's ability to collect small payments on a regular basis at convenient local shops through our versatile payment service network opens up a range of new business opportunities.

Our client portfolio continues to extend into varied, non-utility market sectors such as holidays, home contents insurance, debt recovery, fines collection, prepaid debit cards and internet currency.

Companies in these sectors, recognising their customers are already likely to be using PayPoint to pay other household bills, are enhancing both customer service and product appeal by offering PayPoint as a principal cash payment option.

For example, PayPoint is an ideal solution for debt recovery companies seeking more efficient and cost-effective methods of collecting outstanding payments by instalment.

PayPoint is also useful for internet currency companies and prepaid debit card companies – like 360 Money, IDT Finance, paysafecard and Ukash – that need to offer their customers an alternative and convenient means of adding funds to their prepaid debit cards and internet accounts.

In the leisure sector, coach holiday operator Leger has launched a successful savings card scheme with PayPoint to help customers spread the cost of their next holiday.

Parents loading their children’s school payment cards with dinner money, where operated by ParentPay, can do so in cash at their neighbourhood PayPoint retailer.  

If you are interested in using the PayPoint network to collect payments for your own organisation, please email