About PayPoint

PayPoint is an international leader in payment technologies, its solutions transforming payments for everyone from consumer and financial services companies to retailers, utilities, media, e-commerce, gaming and government clients.

PayPoint delivers payments and services by taking the complexity of multi-channel payments and translating it into convenient, simple, value-added solutions. It handles over £14 billion from 775 million transactions annually for more than 6,000 clients and merchants.

With the backing of 24/7 operations centres with dual site processing, PayPoint is widely recognised for its leadership in payment systems, smart technology and service.


Company history

In 1996, PayPoint revolutionised the retail services sector with the introduction of a branded cash payment network so that people had a convenient way to top up their gas and electricity prepayment meters in community stores. The network has since grown to over 27,200 convenience stores, newsagents, off-licences, supermarkets and garage forecourts across the UK, and the range of services and payments available through the PayPoint terminal has expanded to cover a huge range of payments.    

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A proven business process

PayPoint acts as one-stop shop for organisations with large numbers of customers who want to pay them in cash to have their payments made in friendly, conveniently located local shops opening long hours. Efficient processing of the high volume of transactions these organisations require makes the PayPoint network attractive to them, while the retailers who operate the PayPoint terminal enjoy regular repeat customer visits to their shop and higher sales.